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Practical CodeIgniter 3 Book Released

A from-the-trenches book filled with tips and techniques for being productive with CodeIgniter 3.

Powerful Tools

The tools you need to create powerful web applications, including mobile-ready template system, data migrations and seeding, flexible events, powerful themeable email sending and queueing, and more.

Stable Foundation

Built on top of CodeIgniter 3, the latest version of the PHP framework that has powered many thousands of sites. This foundation provides the confidence to develop for tomorrow.

Secure Standards

Authentication and Authorization systems that are built around best practices, including features to help protect against Brute Force and Distributed Brute Force attacks, and still let available users enjoy your app.

Rapid Creation

With the common parts of your app provided, you are off to a running start. Powerful command-line tools provide even more rapid creation of boilerplate code, or fully working CRUD-based modules.

Responsive Templating

A powerful mobile-ready templating system at your fingertips? You bet! Complete with view partials, variants, callbacks and meta-data management, your job has never been easier.

API Ready

Developing an API has never been easier, with the included controller with simple fail and response methods to ensure proper status, logging, ip white- and black-listing, rate-limiting, API Blueprint docs generation, and more.

Learn Your Way

Get to know SprintPHP through video tutorials or written docs.

Visit the ever-growing collection of video tutorials that aim to help you understand the concepts behind every major part of this flexible framework.

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