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Getting Started

A quick start to get Sprint up and running.

What Is SprintPHP?

Sprint is a set of additional tools on top of CodeIgniter 3 that provide common solutions and elegant workflows to the problems that you encounter on most every application you create for your company or your clients. Over 100 hours have been put into this codebase, creating simple tools for you to use to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes you to create new applications.

Included tools:

While this guide covers the basics to help you find your way around, the complete documentation is viewable and searchable in every Sprint installation, located at, or on GitHub.

Installing SprintPHP

Sprint is best installed through Composer on the command line.

$ composer create-project sprintphp/sprintphp <install folder> dev-develop

This will download the code, run some cleanup and setup a couple of things like the application's encryption key, and get you ready to go.

You can find more information in the Installation Guide.

Finding Your Way Around

Once you've installed it, you will find that Sprint contains a typical CodeIgniter application, as well as a few additional folders that contain its code. I tried to design Sprint to stay out of your application as much as possible.

Start Coding

If you've used CodeIgniter before (if you haven't - read their docs first) then you can jump right in and start creating your application. Things work just the same, but you have some additional tools at your disposal.

To help you get started as fast as possible, you should read the following guides first, since they cover the topics that you will use most often. Then, you can read through the rest of the docs as you need to.